I Built a Boat

I found myself in a sea of confusion. So I built a boat, a metaphorical one. If you're down, hop on my boat and let's sail into my consciousness.

Sometimes I'm afraid of doing something not because I fear rejection, but because I fear looking back at it and thinking of how dumb I was when I did it.
- E.C. (Jan. 1, 2015)

A while ago I began to see events around me work in synchronicity with my life and motivations. It overwhelmed me in a sense I cannot describe… for a bit, I drove myself crazy. I kept falling into loops where I tried to figure out if what I was seeing was real or not, if it made sense to those around me or in the reality I had created for myself. And then in the midst of all the chaos I remembered how much I love writing, and how sometimes when I write exactly what I am thinking it feels like I'm having a conversation with myself. And I needed that. I had to sail on my own sea of confusion. and I had to build myself a boat. 

This is my boat. In it you will find rants about every-day loops, as I become the greatest explorer of my inner demons, earthly pleasures, 'magical coincidences' and conversations with clouds… Perhaps you will join me and my words will get you to travel along with me on this journey.

It's not my boat which has value, but what I collect in it along the way.